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PassPlus Exec is the perfect fit for business customers with frequent travel changes and who seek ultimate flexibility - no matter where your trip originates.

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PassPlus Exec is perfect for...

Business Executive
The Business Executive

You are a proud road warrior and frequent business traveler.

The Entrepreneur

You are your own boss, an innovator, managing your own business venture.

Game Changers
The Game Changers

You are a company that has a current United corporate agreement.

What does PassPlus Exec offer?

Fixed, zone fares with worldwide point-of-origin that are guaranteed pricing for the term of contract

Instant upgrade on selected domestic markets. With special last seat availability, there is unrestricted access to inventory, at competitive prices

No cancellation or change fees – fully flexible and fully refundable tickets.

Combined usage with Joint Venture partners Lufthansa and ANA (UA Marketed, partner codeshare)

Online Traveler Amenity banking, allowing 24/7 customized amenities

How does the program work?

PassPlus Exec

The perfect fit

The program is prepaid, and can be used by a wider company or be assigned to specific individuals within a company.

The best news is, it may co-exist with a select corporate United agreement.


Significant savings

Funds are deducted from your prepaid account based on your travel origin, destination and our Zone Fare matrix. The pricing structure is based on domestic and international zones.

All fares are fixed and don’t change for the term of your contact.


Access to premium travel seats

Once you book your discounted fare through your Travel Management Company, you also receive:

  • Instant upgrades on select domestic U.S. markets and Mexico, Caribbean, and Central America
  • Last seat availability
  • Use of Traveler Amenities based on your investment (Economy Plus upgrades, United Club pass, drink vouchers and more). These are allocated to you based on the initial prepaid investment

PassPlus Exec

No change or cancellation fees

Need to make a change? No worries.

You are not subject to ANY cancellation or change fees, and tickets are fully refundable.


Quick and easy access

Track your travel activity and pre-paid fund account balance with quick and easy online reporting, powered by UATP®.

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